As legal guardian of student(s) listed above and in consideration of Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC accepting my child in participation and training in gymnastics, which activity I hereby acknowledge involves a greater than normal risk of injury, I agree to assume all risks, cost, or losses sustained by me, my child, or my child’s family in connection with participation in gymnastics activities, including but not limited to gymnastics classes, programs, lessons, or meets. I understand that potentially catastrophic injury, paralysis, or even death can result from improper conduct of these activities. In consideration for allowing my child to use the facilities of Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC, I, on my own behalf and the behalf of my child and our respective heirs, administrators, executors and successors, hereby covenant not to sue and forever release Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC, it’s owners, officers, employees or agents from all liability for any and all damages or injuries suffered by my child while under the instruction supervision or control of Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC. I give permission to Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC and/or appropriate medical facilities to take whatever emergency measures as judged necessary for the care and protection of my child under the supervision of Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC. I further understand that in the case of a medical emergency, my child will be transported to a medical facility by the local emergency unit if the local emergency staff deems necessary. Any such transportation to a medical facility will be at my expense. I also understand that in some situations Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC staff will need to contact the local emergency resources before the parent(s), child’s physician, and/or other adult(s) acting on the parent’s behalf.


    On occasion, Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC takes photographs and/or videos of children participating in classes and other gym related activities. Flip n Twist Gymnastics, LLC reserves the right to use these photos and/or videos in any media for the purpose including, but not limited to promotion and/or advertising.