Competitive Gymnastics

One Team, One DREAM

Events, performance requirements, and routines are defined for Junior Olympic Levels 2-10. Our gymnasts are expected to progress sequentially through the levels. Flip n Twist Gymnastic Teams Compete in USAG sanctioned meets including local meets, invitational, State, Regional and National Championships. Flip n Twist Gymnastics Team compete in the four Olympic Events:





Level 2 Team

Level 3 Team

Level 4 Team

Compulsory Teams Levels 2-5

Compulsory means that each gymnast in Levels 2-5 must learn a specific routine for each event. Every gymnast performs the same routine required for each level. At compulsory meets a gymnast is judged on how well she does the skill, as well as how well she follows the exact text of the routine.

  • Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 have competitive opportunities up to and including State Champions.

Optional Team

Optional Teams Levels 6-10

Level 6 is considered an entry level for Optional competition. This level is a mix of compulsory and optional skills. This is the first level where gymnasts have their own unique routine on each event. Levels 7 through 10 continue with their unique routines on each event and the gymnast chooses which skill to use to fulfill the requirements for her level in the JO Program. Level 10 is the last level in the JO Program.

  • Level 6/7 have competitive opportunities up to and including State and Regional Championships.
  • Level 8 have competitive opportunities up to and including State and Regional Championships.
  • Level 9/10 have competitive opportunities up to and including State, Regional and National Championships.

Xcel Team

Xcel Program

The purpose of the Xcel Program is to present gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition and/or provide former Junior Olympic competitive gymnasts the opportunity to continue competition without the intense time commitment. The goal of the Xcel Program at Flip n Twist is to challenge each and every athlete’s limits and abilities by providing enjoyable, yet challenging practices and competitions. The Xcel program also allows for gymnasts who are exceeding (or progressing faster) in some areas such as Floor and Beam to continue to progress at this excelled pace, and be challenged in these events, but at the same time continue to work in the other events. This allows the gymnast not to become “bored” or find themselves in a situation that they are not prepared for or “over their head”.

The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination and though it may have many stumbling blocks along the way and may go in more than one direction, it is marked with faith. It is travelled by belief and courage, persistence and hard work. It is conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances, to fail and try again and again.  Along the way, you may have to confront doubts, setbacks, and unfairness. But when the path comes to an end, you will find that there is no greater joy than making your dream come true!
Barbara Cage,