About Us

Our Mission

Flip n Twist Gymnastics’ professional staff is safety certified by USA Gymnastics with many years experience teaching the sport of gymnastics both competitively and recreationally. Our goal is to provide your children a safe environment in which they can also develop many skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Our Gym

Flip n Twist's 25,000 square foot facility provides a variety of features including:

– 3 tumble tracs
– 2 foam block pits
-5 Resi pits
-3 Spring floors
-1 62 foot spring tumbling strip
-1 Trench (channel) pit in the bar area
-AAI equipment
-Air conditioning
-FREE wireless internet
-A large lobby viewing area with windows
-Child “play” area for siblings
-Pro Shop
-Athletic Training Supplied By
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Our Staff

Carol Hester

Rob Hester

Christy Hester Feldmann

Beth Buckley

Kathy Geers

Dianne Lindner

Christy McWhorter

Kayla Brown

Lydia Brengelman

Star Boykin

Symone Byrd

Casey Clarke

Rylee Feldmann

Camille Grigsby

Jill Haenning

Ben Head

Jamel Jenkins

Jeni Jones

Adelaide Lindner

Samantha McWhorter

Emily Menkhaus

Kylie Payne

Nicole Teschner Watson